FAQ's - Individuals

Q: How do I contact JCMI at time of need? Who do I talk to?
A: When making funeral arrangements, take the appropriate Interment Rights Certificate to the Jewish funeral chapel. The chapel will contact JCMI, and in turn JCMI will authorize use of the plot(s). In this case it is not necessary for next-of-kin to contact JCMI, the funeral chapel will act on your behalf.

Q: What if I/we don’t like the location of the plot(s)?
A: Plots are assigned by JCMI based on availability at the time of purchase and number of plots to be purchased. Once assigned, designations cannot be changed.

Q: When do we pay for opening and closing the grave, etc.?
A: The funeral chapel will inform you of the fees, receive payment and remit to those providing services.

For members of organizations that transferred management responsibilities to JCMI, if not previously paid at the time of transfer, there may be some fees at time of need. Contact JCMI for additional information at info@jcminc.ca.

PLEASE NOTE: JCMI has no financial or other interest in any funeral chapels or any monument provider.

Q: If I think I, or family members, are entitled to a plot(s) in a section currently managed by JCMI how do I claim the plot(s)?

There are two channels:

A 1): If you believe your access to interment rights are a result of membership in a synagogue, Jewish organization or society that transferred their cemetery responsibility to JCMI, contact JCMI at info@jcminc.ca who will verify your entitlement based on documentation received from that organization.

A 2): If you purchased rights directly from JCMI you would have received a formal contract and Interment Rights Certificate for each reservation. The first step is to locate these documents. If you are unable to locate your documents, and you anticipate an up-coming need, it is important to contact the funeral chapel who will in turn quickly contact JCMI to clarify any entitlement.

If you do not anticipate an up-coming immediate need, contact JCMI at info@jcminc.ca. Please note there may be a charge to replace lost documents.

Q: Who decides the price of the plot?
A: The price of a plot is determined by JCMI based on a number of factors. Once a price has been determined in an individual section all plots within that section are sold for the same price.

Q: If I buy a plot and pay now, is everything included?
A: The original purchase price includes the plot, headstone foundation, license, administration, and a future plot and headstone Care and Maintenance component. The original lot purchase price does not include funeral chapel services, opening and closing a grave, burial or a headstone.

Q: If I buy several plots can I sell them?
A: No, plots that have been purchased cannot be re-sold by the purchaser. In the event a purchaser no longer wishes to maintain interment rights, the plot(s) can only be returned to JCMI. JCMI will re-purchase the plot(s) according to the terms of the contract provided.

Q: Once plots have been purchased and assigned, can I/we make changes?
A: Generally plots cannot be re-assigned or changes made. However, if special circumstances arise, you may wish to present a request for consideration to JCMI. JCMI will provide a response in a timely fashion. Note, once an individual has been given a Certificate of Interment Rights and the process completed the individual holds the rights to burial regardless of who purchased the plot.

Q: Can I reserve plots without giving names?
A: No, names are required at the time of purchase. A formal contract and Interment Rights Certificate will be issued for each person’s plot at the time of purchase. This documentation will ensure the right person’s reservation is honoured at the time of need. Once an individual has been named and the process completed the individual holds the rights to the burial plot regardless of who purchased the rights.

Q: If I buy several plots now, how will I know that they will be available when needed?
A: A detailed contract and Interment Rights Certificate will be issued for each person’s plot reservation. At the time of need, JCMI will only authorize use of the plot for the individual who is named in the contract and on the Interment Rights Certificate.

Q: If I need one now but want to reserve plots for others later can I get a guarantee for a group?
A: If there are plots available certainly one can be purchased for an immediate need, and additional plots can be purchased for future use. All plots must be fully paid at the time of purchase and a detailed contract and Interment Rights Certificate will be issued for each person’s reservation. Reservations will not be made or held without full purchase and documentation. On completion of all processes the burial right(s) will belong to the individual named in the documentation regardless of who purchased the rights. JCMI maintains ownership of the cemetery land and only conveys interment rights.

Q: Can I buy plots if they are not needed now?
A: Yes. Ensuring a plot is available in the event of an unexpected loss, reduces stress at the time of need.

Q: Do you have to be Jewish to be buried in a JCMI plot(s)?
A: Yes. In compliance with regulations governing Bathurst Lawn Memorial Park, Mount Sinai Memorial Park, Chevra Kadisha Agudas Achim on Roselawn Avenue, and Chevra Kadisha Chesad Shel Emes on Jones Avenue, Toronto - all individuals must be Jewish and buried in compliance with Halacha and Jewish laws. As part of the contract process individuals are required to confirm their Jewish status either by birth or conversion.

Please note, burial and scattering of cremated remains are not permitted.

Q: How do I find out if there are cemetery plots available for me to purchase?
A: Contact the JCMI office at lots@jcminc.ca or (416) 444-3434