FAQ's - Organizations

Q: If the organization urgently needs oversite, and doesn’t have documentation or finances in order, why can’t JCMI take over immediately and work out the details later?

A: JCMI is a not-for-profit organization operated by a volunteer group who recognize that individuals usually approach a cemetery at an emotional time in their lives. From its inception, JCMI has rigorously worked to service those needs. As a result, if we cannot confirm the organization’s obligations we cannot assume any responsibility until outstanding issues have been resolved. This is to avoid additional stress and confusion.

Q: Once we have handed over responsibility for our cemetery to JCMI are we free of future obligations?

A: Yes, JCMI will assume full responsibility and your organization’s cemetery obligations will be managed by JCMI.

Q: What if our cemetery section is fully committed and there are no plots to sell? Will JCMI still be willing to take over cemetery?

A: Yes, JCMI will take over cemetery sections that are already fully committed, if all documentation is in order and all other steps in the transition process are successfully completed.

Q: What does JCMI do with the money from the sale of cemetery plots?

A: JCMI is currently responsible for 14 cemeteries. Money from the sale of excess plots are allocated for future Care and Maintenance as well as annual maintenance fees for 7 cemetery sections in Bathurst Lawn Memorial Park and 4 cemetery sections in Mount Sinai Memorial Park. JCMI directly pays the maintenance fees for the Chevra Kadisha Agudas Achim and Judean Benevolent and Friendly Society on Roselawn Avenue and Chevra Kadisha Chesad Shel Emes on Jones Avenue, Toronto.

In some cases, organizations transferring cemetery sections to JCMI have had few funds. Money from the sale of plots is pooled to cover the annual maintenance costs of those sections.

Q: Does our organization have to pay JCMI?

A: No, JCMI is a not-for-profit and payment is not required. However, JCMI pools resources to maintain your cemetery section as well as others. Therefore JCMI does require organizations to transfer your cemetery Care & Maintenance Trust Fund. If you are winding down your organization the transfer of operating funds is appreciated but not required. These funds will be used to maintain your cemetery section into good order e.g. foundations, monuments, etc. as well as future annual maintenance costs.

Q: If there are cemetery plots that are not reserved can the organization sell them independently of JCMI?

A: No, once JCMI has assumed total responsibility for a cemetery the organization can no longer engage in any ownership or management of the cemetery.

Q: What if annual filings with the government are not up-to-date?

A: If your organization’s government filings are not up- to- date JCMI may guide you on how to work with The Bereavement Authority of Ontario to complete your outstanding reports.

Q: How long does it take for JCMI to complete the transition?

A: It is important for JCMI to have a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s cemetery commitments, records, current condition of the cemetery, repairs required, government status, etc. Several meetings will be scheduled. Transfers cannot be completed overnight, therefore planning time is required.

Q: What happens if records are incomplete?

A: JCMI cannot assume responsibility for a cemetery section without a comprehensive understanding of burial commitments that have been made.

Q: What documentation do we need?

A: You will be required to provide a complete list of past burials, current reservations, contact information, etc. JCMI will advise you as part of the process.

Q: Will JCMI partner with a cemetery owner to oversee a cemetery section?

A: JCMI will partner with an owner to ensure a smooth transition of responsibility for a cemetery section. Once the transfer is completed JCMI is solely responsible for the section and the original owners are no longer engaged in management activities.

Q: Will JCMI take over the annual government reporting?

A: Yes, JCMI will submit completed reports for all cemetery sections where we have assumed responsibility.

Q: If the organization is going to continue apart from handing over cemetery responsibility to JCMI, will JCMI collect on-going membership dues on our behalf?

A: No, JCMI does not collect, or remit, on-going membership dues. If your organization does continue its social and community activities, collection of any membership dues is between your organization and your members.