Financial Structure

JCMI’s financial structure consists of an audited Care and Maintenance Trust Fund (C&M) as mandated by Ontario regulation and a General Operating Fund (GOF) used for day to day operations. When an organization transfers ownership to JCMI the C&M Fund of the organization is required to be transferred to JCMI’s C&M Fund, under the authority and authorization of the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO). The GOF of the organization is not required to be transferred, however, if repairs to the cemetery are required the organization's existing GOF are expected to be used for the repairs. JCMI will make available for reservation any excess burial plots included in the transfer. The proceeds from the reservation of any burial plots will be divided between JCMI’s C&M Fund and the GOF. The C & M fund is managed by RBC Estate and Trustee Division. The GOF is conservatively invested, including a significant portion with State of Israel Bonds.